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Age Bending Pt. 1

I don’t think the characters should actually look like this but it’s interesting in a “What they might have looked like in the past” way.


The Red Viper & his paramour~

Cosplays by us! 

Thanks Eurobeat for the photos!


someone….PLEASE TELL ME THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE DOING THIS I always feel so bad….. it’s for research okay…. OTL



I swear, I’m like a zombie, but for autumn. 

*zombies all over autumn!!*

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Today, I was featured in my first ever not-convention photoshoot. I took it so seriously as you can tell by my RAPTOR HAAAANDS

Full album is here at my cosplay page c: The serious pics too.. c: 

this mask is my badge now

I am always pretty much flabbergasted when Doctor Who fans wail on Stephen Moffat like a giant pinata. How can they care so much about something that right now is giving them so much pain? At this point shouldn’t you just break up with this thing and turn away? But then I remember that while I don’t get excited about them anymore, I can talk about WHAT WENT WRONG with Spider-Man or Kevin Smith for hours.

On a positive note, that Spider-Gwen comic was awesome.


Mother of Dragons Solo Edition

I love everything about these photos! Solo looks awesome and regal! Courtoon’s costume is so pretty! Mistry did a fantastic job on the photo! I just came across a photoset done by my friends during Colossal weekend! I just let my friends borrow the dragons for the whole weekend, did not realize that they were all switching costumes as well. Makes me incredibly happy to see the collaboration in this photo.

I’m hoping to work more on dragons and orders once i get done with the cinci expo this weekend. I have a decent break (for once) before Youmacon.

Cosplay worn by Solo Grayson
Cosplay made by Courtoon
Photo by Kyle Mistry
Dragons by Me


That’s it that’s the whole show


That’s it that’s the whole show

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Season Four Korra! :D


Season Four Korra! :D